Can I create my own cryptocurrency?

To be able to create your own cryptocurrency, here are some things to follow.

Build a blockchain

The first step to creating the best cryptocurrency is building a blockchain. Blockchain technology is the basis of every cryptocurrency you see in the world today. Blockchain contains details of each cryptocurrency.

This is a register that shows the background of each cryptocurrency you have. It also shows more details about who owned the cryptocurrencies before you. The best cryptocurrencies have very effective blockchain technology.


All the software you see on the internet is made of code. The same is the case with cryptocurrency. Fortunately, most cryptocurrencies are made using the same code. Basically, cryptocurrencies are made using C ++ code. You can assign all the codes you need from GitHub and use them to make your cryptocurrency. However, the code will differ from your specifics. If your blockchain is longer and faster, you need to add programs for this. In general, programs can range from a week to several months when creating a blockchain.

To make the best cryptocurrency, one must make sure that it has set the highest level of security to be observed. Hackers are everywhere and it is always your role to alienate hackers. One powerful tool that has been used to alienate hackers is the use of private and public keys. This is because each key is generated from the previous key. By using cryptography, every key can be traced from the first transaction ever made.

You also need to make sure that you are creating a pool of miners. For a stable cryptocurrency like bitcoin? anyone can be a miner. The miner does two things.

-Creates the crypto coin

– Certifies the cryptocurrency.

You need to create a standard way to create and authenticate your cryptocurrency.

Access to market needs

Many cryptocurrency experts say the most important part is access to market needs. You need to be passionate and watch what other cryptocurrencies don’t offer and offer them yourself. If we look at the largest cryptocurrency on the market today, bitcoin.

It is designed to provide a faster transaction in the online world. Bitcoin has also received great acclaim for hiding the identities of users. They remained anonymous, but a legal transaction could still be made. These are the most important parts to keep in mind when creating a cryptocurrency.

To make a very successful cryptocurrency, you need to make sure that you can do the right marketing of your cryptocurrency. This means going to merchants and asking them to accept your cryptocurrency as their payment method. These are usually some of the best ways to create a cryptocurrency.

How cryptocurrency works

Simply put, cryptocurrencies are digital money that are designed to be secure and anonymous in some cases. It is closely linked to the Internet, which uses cryptography, which is essentially a process in which readable information is converted into code that cannot be broken down to record all transfers and purchases made.

Cryptography has a history dating back to World War II, when there was a need to communicate in the most secure way. Since then, an evolution of the same has taken place and it has become digital today, where various elements of computer science and mathematical theory are used to provide communications, money and information online.

The first cryptocurrency

The first cryptocurrency was introduced in 2009 and is still well known around the world. Many more cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the last few years and today you can find so many available on the internet.

How they work

This type of digital currency uses technology that is decentralized to allow different users to make secure payments as well as save money without necessarily using a name or even going through a financial institution. They are managed mainly on a blockchain. Blockchain is a public book that is distributed publicly.

Cryptocurrency units are usually created using a process called digging. This usually involves the use of a computer power supply. Doing so solves mathematical problems that can be very complex in generating coins. Consumers are only allowed to buy currencies from brokers and then store them in cryptocurrencies, where they can spend them with great ease.

Cryptocurrencies and the application of blockchain technology are still in their infancy when it comes to financial thinking. More applications may appear in the future, as it is not known what else will be invented. The future of transactions in stocks, bonds and other types of financial assets can very well be traded with the help of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the future.

Why use cryptocurrency?

One of the main features of these currencies is the fact that they are secure and offer a level of anonymity that you may not get anywhere else. There is no way a transaction can be canceled or forged. This is the biggest reason why you should consider using them.

The fees charged for this type of currency are also quite low and this makes it a very reliable option compared to the conventional currency. Because they are decentralized by nature, they can be accessed by anyone, unlike banks, where accounts are opened only with permission.

Cryptocurrency markets offer a whole new form of money and sometimes the rewards can be great. You can make a very small investment just to find that it has turned into something great in a very short period of time. However, it is important to note that the market can also be volatile and there are risks associated with the purchase.

How to trade cryptocurrencies – the basics of investing in digital currencies

Whether it’s the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies or the diversification of their portfolio, people from all walks of life are investing in digital currencies. If you are new to the concept and wondering what’s going on, here are some basic concepts and considerations for investing in cryptocurrencies.

What cryptocurrencies are available and how to buy them?

With a market capitalization of about $ 278 billion, bitcoin is the most established cryptocurrency. Ethereum is second with a market capitalization of over $ 74 billion. In addition to these two currencies, there are a number of other options, including Ripple ($ 28B), Litecoin ($ 17B) and MIOTA ($ 13B).

As the first on the market, there are many bitcoin exchanges around the world. BitStamp and Coinbase are two well-known exchanges based in the United States. is an established European exchange. If you are interested in trading other digital currencies along with bitcoin, then the crypto market is where you will find all digital currencies in one place. Here is a list of exchanges according to their 24-hour trading volume.

What options do I have to keep my money?

Another important consideration is the storage of coins. One option, of course, is to store it on the exchange where you buy them. However, you will need to be careful when choosing an exchange. The popularity of digital currencies has led to the emergence of many new, unknown exchanges everywhere. Take the time to do your due diligence to avoid scammers.

Another option you have with cryptocurrencies is that you can store them yourself. One of the safest options for storing your investment is hardware wallets. Companies like Ledger allow you to store bitcoins and several other digital currencies.

What is the market and how can I learn more about it?

The cryptocurrency market fluctuates a lot. The changing nature of the market makes it more suitable for long-term play.

There are many well-known news sites that report on digital currencies, including Coindesk, Business Insider, Coin Telegraph and Cryptocoin News. In addition to these sites, there are many Twitter accounts that tweet about digital currencies, including @BitcoinRTs and @AltCoinCalendar.

Digital currencies aim to disrupt the traditional currency and commodity market. Although these currencies still have a long way to go, the success of Bitcoins and Ethereum has proven that there is real interest in the concept. Understanding the basics of investing in cryptocurrency will help you move in the right direction.

The risks of bitcoin

The risks of bitcoin that investors need to be aware of

Risk one – The instability of bitcoin

Everyone knows how unstable bitcoin is and those who invest in it will see that the value of this cryptocurrency fluctuates quite dramatically. Unless you can handle the ups and downs of bitcoin, then investing in bitcoin is not for you. There is little to be gained if losing your capital will make you lose sleep. I cannot stress enough the importance of using your discretionary money to play in the cryptocurrency market.

What are discretionary costs?

This is money spent on travel, eating out, entertainment, hobbies and sports.

You would never spend the rent or money set aside for your retirement on entertainment, such as a day out of competitions, so you should not use this money to play in the cryptocurrency market.

Risk Two-Hacking

A company called Cryptopia, which was an online bitcoin trading platform, held funds invested in bitcoin. It was hacked and all those who had invested in bitcoins with cryptocurrency lost their money. There were some sad stories about a large amount of money lost by some people.

It should be reiterated that you should never gamble with cryptocurrency with funds you can’t afford to lose, or put too many eggs in one basket, as many of these investors seem to have done.

The other thing to add is that the actual amount of money lost by cryptocurrency investors is likely to be greatly increased due to the rising cost of bitcoin. If someone invests $ 1,000 in bitcoin and it goes up to $ 10,000 in a few years, just to lose the account. It will be recorded that this person lost 10k, when in fact they lost only 1k.

Risk Three-Lost Passwords

An Australian is locked out of his bitcoin wallet because he can’t even remember his password. The website where he has his bitcoins will lock him permanently from his wallet if he has made ten unsuccessful login attempts. He made eight. He has over 300,000 in his bitcoin wallet.

The lesson here is to write down your password and keep it locked in a safe place.

The other tip is to diversify your portfolio so that if something goes terribly wrong you don’t lose too much with one hit.

Risk four government controls

Governments have the ability to ban cryptocurrency trading; China did just that. Several agencies in China have joined forces to ban what they describe as “illegal” cryptocurrency activity. This does not mean that other countries will follow suit, but it simply illustrates the point that governments have the power to do so.

Risk five – Taxation

Two things in life are certain, death and taxes. You can be sure that at some point the tax will ask for a piece of your bitcoin pie. Whether in the form of a capital gains tax or the increased value of bitcoin. It should be remembered that if you are taxed on the capital gains of your bitcoin, then it may be possible to claim a tax back on any capital losses. A good accountant will be able to advise you here.

Regardless of the form of capital gains you invest in, it should always be remembered that when there is an opportunity for capital gains, there is also a possibility for a loss of capital. Investing in cryptocurrency is risky, so it cannot be stressed enough that the money you invest in bitcoin must be money you can afford to lose.

Practical tips on how to trade cryptocurrencies

For some time now, I have been closely monitoring the performance of cryptocurrencies to get a sense of where the market is going. The routine that my primary school teacher taught me – where you wake up, pray, brush your teeth and have breakfast, has shifted a bit to waking up, praying and then logging in (starting with coinmarketcap), just to know which crypto assets are in the red one.

The start of 2018 was not great for altcoin and related assets. Their performance was crippled by the frequent opinion of bankers that the crypto bubble is about to burst. Nevertheless, ardent followers of the cryptocurrency are still “walking” and, frankly, they are reaping a lot.

Bitcoin recently returned to almost $ 5,000; Bitcoin Cash approached $ 500, while Ethereum found peace of mind at $ 300. Virtually every coin was struck except for the newcomers, who were still in a state of excitement. At the time of writing, bitcoin is back on track and selling for $ 8,900. Many other cryptocurrencies have doubled since the beginning of the uptrend and the market capitalization is $ 400 billion compared to the recent $ 250 billion.

If you are slowly warming up to cryptocurrencies and want to become a successful trader, the tips below will help you.

Practical tips on how to trade cryptocurrencies

• Start modestly

You have already heard that the prices of cryptocurrencies are skyrocketing. You’ve probably also received the news that this upward trend may not last long. Some skeptics, mostly respected bankers and economists, usually call them get-rich-quick schemes without a solid foundation.

Such news can make you invest quickly and not use moderation. A small analysis of market trends and suitable currencies in which to invest can guarantee you a good return. Whatever you do, do not invest all your hard earned money in these assets.

• Understand how exchanges work

I recently saw a friend of mine post a Facebook show about one of his friends who continued to trade on the stock exchange, he had no idea how it worked. This is a dangerous move. Always review the site you intend to use before you register or at least before you start trading. If they provide a fictitious account to play with, use this opportunity to learn what the board looks like.

• Don’t insist on trading everything

There are over 1,400 cryptocurrencies to trade, but it is impossible to handle all of them. Spreading your portfolio to a huge number of cryptocurrencies than you can effectively manage will minimize your profits. Just pick a few of them, read more about them and how to get their trading alerts.

• Stay sober

Cryptocurrencies are unstable. This is their curse and grace. As a trader, you need to understand that wild price fluctuations are inevitable. Uncertainty about when to make a move makes a person an inefficient trader. Use hard data and other research methods to be sure when to complete a transaction.

Successful traders belong to various online forums where discussions of cryptocurrency on market trends and signals are discussed. Of course, your knowledge may be enough, but you should rely on other traders for more relevant data.

• Diversify meaningfully

Virtually everyone will tell you to expand your portfolio, but no one will remind you to work with currencies with real use. There are some bad coins you can handle for quick money, but the best cryptocurrencies to deal with are the ones that solve existing problems. Coins with real use are usually less unstable.

Don’t diversify too early or too late. And before you make a move to buy any crypto-asset, make sure you know its market capitalization, price changes and daily trading volumes. Maintaining a healthy portfolio is the way to reap many of these digital assets.

How to find cryptocurrency forecasts?

If you have invested in cryptocurrency, you know that taking into account market conditions is paramount. As an investor, you need to be aware of what is happening with different currencies and what other traders are saying about the future.

Therefore, if you want to make sound investment decisions, it is better to take into account the forecasts for cryptocurrency. Fortunately, there are many resources on the web that allow you to research and search for forecasts. This can help you stay ahead of the rest of the market. Make sure you are away from fraudulent people and other schemes that claim to make you rich overnight. Here are some reliable sources of forecasts that can help you succeed as an investor.


If you are looking for a reliable source of forecasts, see TradingView. This platform offers great charting tools that anyone can use. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user. This platform allows you to know how different types of cryptocurrencies behave over time. So you can predict their behavior down the road.

One of the main reasons this platform offers reliable forecasts is that it has a huge community of experienced investors who are always ready to share their knowledge. In fact, more than 3.3 million active investors are part of this platform.

Finder is your ideal source if you want to get a valuable idea of ​​the future of cryptocurrency from various, reliable authorities. In fact, Finder regularly consults with financial and cryptocurrency experts and publishes their forecasts for other investors.

The platform also works with participants from various industries, such as news, finance and technology. Based on discussions with these professionals, the Finder can make accurate predictions.

Bitcoin wolf

Bitcoin Wolf is another great platform that can provide accurate predictions for cryptocurrencies. By joining the chat room on this platform, you can talk to other experienced investors around the clock. In addition, you can take advantage of other excellent features offered by the platform, such as real-time alerts, partner advice centers, technical analysis, etc.

This place is the best platform where you can talk about the future of these currencies. And the great thing is that experts will give you a deeper look at this world and help you make informed decisions.

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, first make sure you do your homework. It’s a great idea to take forecasts into account so you can make the right decisions in the future. You need to pay attention to what other experienced investors think about the future. In addition, you may want to get the point of view of industry experts.

Last thoughts

So, if you look at the above sources, you will be able to get an idea of ​​the minds of other investors in the industry. This way, you can make better decisions that will ensure that your business becomes profitable. It is better to check the forecasts regularly.

Are you planning to trade Monero cryptocurrency? Here are the basics to get you started

One of the basic rules of blockchain technology is to provide users with unwavering privacy. Bitcoin, as the first decentralized cryptocurrency, relied on this premise to offer itself to a wider audience, which then needed a virtual currency free from government intervention.

Unfortunately, along the way, bitcoin proved to be fraught with several weaknesses, including immutability and variable blockchain. All transactions and addresses are recorded in the blockchain, thus making it easier for everyone to connect the points and reveal users’ personal data based on their existing records. Some governmental and non-governmental agencies already use blockchain analytics to read data on the bitcoin platform.

Such shortcomings have led developers to look for alternative blockchain technologies with improved security and speed. One of these projects is Monero, usually represented by an XMR ticker.

What is Monero?

Monero is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency project whose main goal is to provide better privacy than other blockchain ecosystems. This technology protects users’ information through hidden addresses and ring signatures.

Stealth address refers to the creation of a single address for a stand-alone transaction. Two addresses cannot be attached to one transaction. The received coins go to a completely different address, which makes the whole process unclear to an outside observer.

A ring signature, on the other hand, refers to mixing account keys with public keys, thus creating a “ring” of multiple signatories. This means that the monitoring agent cannot associate a signature with a specific account. Unlike cryptography (a mathematical method for securing crypto projects), a signature ring is not a new child in the block. Its principles have been studied and recorded in a 2001 paper by The Weizmann Institute and MIT.

Cryptography has certainly won the hearts of many blockchain developers and fans, but the truth is that it is still a nascent tool with several applications. As Monero uses the already proven technology to sign the Ring, it has stood out as a legitimate project that is worth embracing.

Things you need to know before you start trading Monero

Monero’s market

Monero’s market is similar to that of other cryptocurrencies. If you want to buy it, then Kraken, Poloniex and Bitfinex are some of the exchanges you should visit. Poloniex was the first to adopt it, followed by Bitfinex and finally Kraken.

This virtual currency mostly seems to be pegged to the dollar or to other cryptocurrencies. Some of the available pairs include XMR / USD, XMR / BTC, XMR / EUR, XMR / XBT and many more. The volume of trade and liquidity of this currency are very good statistics.

One of the good things about XMR is that anyone can participate in its digging either as an individual or by joining a digging pool. Any computer with significantly good computing power can dig Monero blocks with a few hiccups. Don’t worry about choosing ASICS (application-specific integrated circuits), which are currently required for bitcoin mining.

Price volatility

Although it is a great network for cryptocurrencies, it is not so special when it comes to volatility. Virtually all altcoins are extremely unstable. This should not worry every avid trader, as this factor is what makes them profitable in the first place – buy when prices are falling, and sell when they are on an uptrend.

In January 2015, XMR was for $ 0.25, then did a little jogging to $ 60 in May 2017 and is currently moving above the $ 300 mark. The Monero coin recorded its ATH (all-time peak) of $ 475 on January 7, before declining along with other cryptocurrencies to $ 300. At the time of writing, almost all decentralized currencies are in a price adjustment phase, with bitcoin swinging between $ 10-11k from its glorious $ 19,000 ATH.

Interchangeability and acceptance

Thanks to its ability to offer reliable privacy, XMR has been adopted by many people, making its coins easily replaced by other currencies. Simply put, Monero can be easily traded for something else.

All bitcoins in the Bitcoin Blockchain are recorded and therefore, when an incident such as theft occurs, any coin involved will be avoided from work, making them irreplaceable. With monero you can’t tell one coin from another. Therefore, no seller can reject any of them because it is related to a bad accident.

Monero blockchain is currently one of the most current cryptocurrencies with a significant number of followers. Like most other blockchain projects, his future looks great, despite the impending government crackdown. As an investor, you need to do your due diligence and research before trading any cryptocurrency. When possible, seek help from financial experts to get you on the right track.

Cryptocurrency: The destroyer of Fintech

Blockchain, side chains, digging – the terminology in the secret world of cryptocurrency continues to accumulate in minutes. Although it sounds unreasonable to introduce new financial terms into the already complex world of finance, cryptocurrencies offer a much-needed solution to one of the biggest problems in today’s money market – the security of transactions in the digital world. Cryptocurrency is a defining and destructive innovation in the rapidly evolving world of fine technology, an appropriate response to the need for a secure exchange environment in the days of virtual transactions. At a time when transactions are just numbers and numbers, cryptocurrency offers to do just that!

In its most basic form, cryptocurrency is evidence of an alternative virtual currency concept that promises secure, anonymous transactions over a peer-to-peer online network. The wrong name is property rather than actual currency. Unlike everyday money, cryptocurrency models work without a central authority, as a decentralized digital mechanism. In a distributed cryptocurrency mechanism, money is issued, managed and approved by the collective network of community partners – whose ongoing activities are known as mine on a partner’s machine. Successful miners also receive coins to evaluate the time and resources used. Once used, transaction information is broadcast to a blockchain on the public key network, preventing each coin from being used twice by the same user. The blockchain can be considered as a cashier. The coins are protected behind a password-protected digital wallet representing the user.

The provision of coins in the world of digital currencies has been decided in advance, without manipulation, by anyone, organizations, government organizations and financial institutions. The cryptocurrency system is known for its speed, as transaction activities through digital wallets can materialize funds in minutes, compared to the traditional banking system. In addition, it is largely irreversible in design, further reinforcing the idea of ​​anonymity and eliminating any additional chances of tracing the money back to its original owner. Unfortunately, key features – speed, security and anonymity – have also made cryptocurrencies a way to transaction for many illegal transactions.

Just like the real world money market, exchange rates fluctuate in the digital coin ecosystem. Due to the limited number of coins, when the demand for currency increases, the value of coins inflates. Bitcoin is the largest and most successful cryptocurrency to date, with a market capitalization of $ 15.3 billion, occupying 37.6% of the market and currently priced at $ 8,997.31. Bitcoin appeared on the foreign exchange market in December 2017, trading at $ 19,783.21 per coin, before facing a sudden decline in 2018. The decline is due in part to the rise of alternative digital coins such as Ethereum, NPCcoin, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin and MintChip.

Due to hard-coded supply constraints, cryptocurrencies are considered to follow the same economic principles as gold – the price is determined by limited supply and fluctuations in demand. With constant exchange rate fluctuations, their resilience remains to be seen. Therefore, investing in virtual currencies is currently speculation rather than an everyday money market.

After the Industrial Revolution, this digital currency has been an indispensable part of technological breakdowns. From the point of view of a casual observer, this rise can seem exciting, threatening and mysterious at the same time. While some economists remain skeptical, others see it as a lightning revolution in the monetary industry. Conservatively, digital coins will displace approximately a quarter of national currencies in developed countries by 2030. This has already created a new asset class alongside the traditional global economy and a new set of investment instruments will come from cryptocurrency in the coming years. Recently, bitcoin may fall to shed light on other cryptocurrencies. But this is not a signal of the collapse of the cryptocurrency itself. While some financial advisers emphasize the role of governments in breaking the secret world to regulate the central government mechanism, others insist on continuing the current free flow. The more popular cryptocurrencies are, the more control and regulation they attract – a common paradox that discourages the digital note and undermines the main purpose of its existence. In any case, the lack of intermediaries and supervision makes it extremely attractive to investors and makes daily trading change dramatically. Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) fears that cryptocurrencies will displace central banks and international banking in the near future. After 2030, regular trading will be dominated by the cryptocurrency supply chain, which will offer less friction and greater economic value between technologically savvy buyers and sellers.

If cryptocurrency seeks to become an essential part of the existing financial system, it will have to meet many different financial, regulatory and societal criteria. It will need to be protected from hackers, user-friendly and highly protected in order to offer its main benefit to the core monetary system. It must maintain the anonymity of consumers, without being a channel for money laundering, tax evasion and internet fraud. As these are mandatory for the digital system, it will take several more years to see if the cryptocurrency will be able to compete with the real world currency in its heyday. Although this is likely to happen, the success (or lack thereof) of the cryptocurrency in tackling the challenges will determine the fate of the monetary system in the coming days.

How to make your own cryptocurrency in 4 easy steps

Okay, so cryptocurrency this, bitcoin that!

Enough, there was so much noise from the boom created by virtual currencies that the Internet was overloaded with information on how you could make more money by investing in those currencies. But have you ever wondered how cool it would be if you could create your own cryptocurrency?

I never thought about that, did I? It’s time to think, because in this post we will provide you with a four-step guide to creating your own cryptocurrency. Read the post and then see if you can do it yourself or not!

Step 1 – Community

No, you don’t have to build a community like you do when planning to run social media. Here the game is a little different. You need to find a community of people who you think would buy your currency.

Once you identify a community, it becomes easier for you to take care of their needs, and therefore you can work to build a stable cryptocurrency instead of doing what you want to achieve.

Remember that you are not here to be part of the spectator sport – you are in it to win it. And having a community of people who would like to invest in your currency is the best way to do it!

Step 2 – Code

The second important step is coding. You don’t have to be a master coder to create your own cryptocurrency. There are many open source codes available that you can use.

You can even go ahead and hire professionals who can do the work for you. But when coding, remember one thing – explicit copying won’t get you anywhere.

You need to bring some uniqueness to your currency to distinguish it from those that already exist. It must be innovative enough to create waves in the market. This is why just copying the code is not enough to be on top of the cryptocurrency game.

Step 3 – Miners

The third and most important step in the process is to attract some miners who will actually dig up your cryptocurrency.

This means that you need to have a certain set of people connected to you who can actually spread the information about your currency in the market. You need to have people who can raise awareness about your currency.

This will give you an advantage. And as they say – what is well started is half done; miners can ultimately lay the groundwork for a successful journey for your cryptocurrency in ever-increasing competition.

Step 4 – Marketing

The last thing you need to do as part of the work here is to contact merchants who will eventually trade the virtual coins you have built.

Simply put, you need to put these coins on the battlefield where real people would be interested in investing in them. And this is by no means an easy feat.

You need to gain their trust by telling them that you have something to offer.

How do you get started? The best way to market your coins initially is to identify the target audience that knows what a cryptocurrency is.

After all, there’s no point in trying to sell your stuff to people who don’t even know what a cryptocurrency is.


So, you can see that building a successful cryptocurrency is more about being aware of market trends and less about being a hardcore technician or cutting-edge coder.

If you have this consciousness in you, then it’s time to flourish while the sun shines in the niche of cryptocurrency. Continue and plan to build your own cryptocurrency by following these simple steps and see how it turns out for you!

DigitalTicks Exchange – Advanced cryptocurrency exchange

DigitalTicksExchange: Advanced cryptocurrency exchange !!!

DigitalTicksExchange is simply not another crypto-crypto trading platform. It is designed by retailers for retailers. The beginning of the idea began in December 2017. DigitalTicksExchangeteam comes out with the FIRST QUANTITIES OF CRYPT EXCHANGE. The team aims to provide the best trading platform for the cryptocurrency market.

Mission and vision of DigitalTicksExchange

With the main goal of being in the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of market capitalization, the team implemented a stable, more powerful and best-in-class technology required by the advanced cryptocurrency exchange 2018 with the intention of being the best online cryptocurrency trading platform. Our team is dedicated to offering the most personalized exchange platform for traders and brokers and thus to achieve one step closer to the goal of being the only user-friendly exchange with ease of trading cryptocurrency and crypto commodities.

With the growing number of cryptocurrencies around the world, the cryptocurrency exchange market has seen many new users attracted to trading these currency swaps, but the main challenge for any cryptocurrency exchange is to deal with the security of the exchange and thus build trust and confidence. in the minds of end users. DigitalTicksExchange, with its portfolio exchange with multiple cryptocurrencies and advanced security audit systems and regular vulnerability testing, plans to be one of the most trusted digital currency exchanges worldwide.

The DigitalTicksExchange team consists of traders, industrialists. Entrepreneurs, Blockchain enthusiasts. To make the exchange a successful DigitalTicksExchange, innovative developers have made every effort to understand the needs and requirements of traders, from beginners to professionals. The platform is customized in such a way that it is easy to use by all market participants, be it a hedger, scalper, arbitrator or speculator.

Here is a list of some unique features that will be available on DigitalTicksExchange

Semi-algorithm functionality

Single order portfolio view

Hot key function

Many trading tools

Multiple device compatibility

DigitalTicksExchange Token (DTx)

DTx is a DigitalTicksExchange UTILITY Token. The DTx Utility token can be purchased through bitcoin, Ethereum and bank transfers. The pre-sale of this token started on March 25, 2018, and the public sale on April 15, 2018. The sale of the token ended on June 15, 2018.

The team is happy to announce its successful token sale. During the token sale, the team sold a total of 64 million tokens, raising $ 30 million. There are currently over 30,000 members of the DigitalTicks community and their numbers are growing much faster.

Advantages of DigitalTicksExchange trading

DigitalTicksExchange’s trading platform is much smoother and offers a great user interface with many features required by traders. One of the main advantages of using our platform is that the exchange will not charge transaction fees for the first few months. This can be a great profit opportunity for high frequency traders. We will also offer volume-based incentives to those high-frequency traders who move forward. We love our users and would like to create a fair market for all our registered users, thus helping them trade cryptocurrencies for profit by providing regular research reports prepared by our team of expert researchers.


With incentives such as the Volume Based Model, the Maker-Taker Concept DigitalTicksExchange focuses on providing ease of trading and charging at a fair price per transaction. In order to be on top, DigitalTicksExchangeteam is dedicated to providing all the tools and support needed by each of its traders to trade the cryptocurrency market. The exchange will be fully developed and launched on or before the end of August 2018. The team believes that DigitalTicksExchange will be the most modern platform for cryptocurrency exchange for trading various cryptocurrencies – crypto, as well as goods to cryptocurrencies. !!!!