Trends in mobile app development in 2018

After a successful 2017, the mobile app industry is ready to face the challenges and 2018. The mobile development scenario is on track to become more accessible and user-friendly. It aims to reconcile business needs and technical issues.

Mobile Application Performance Manager

Experience over the past year has shown that although the app market has had good results, there is a lower number of app downloads per user. Developers are now looking at apps that attract and satisfy users and encourage them to use their apps regularly. The goal is to be technically robust and at the same time increase the demand for use.

Blockchain technology

The sudden rise in use of bitcoins and the rise in weathering has sparked interest in mobile blockchain technology. Developers are willing to stick to that interest. Their only concern would be to determine the benefits of using new technology to replace each application’s old SQL database.

Machine learning

Apple’s Core ML Library has introduced integrated ML models. This gives developers a convenient way to access ML technology in iOS apps. In 2018, app developers are expected to take advantage of this.


Chatbots were launched in 2016. They created messaging platforms using bots to use on websites. This year these bots are ready to expand their domain to mobile. Developers can easily use chatbota. They don’t need to learn a new interface, nor do they need to develop original applications that require everyday applications.

Android instant app

This new entry is likely to be a favorite this year. It requires no installation and is compatible with all OS. The option to embed in Google search engines acts as an added advantage.

Mobile optimized page

Google AMP makes browsing the web faster on mobile devices. Domains are being used by AMP to reach and attract more users. More and more applications are expected to convert to AMP to take advantage.

5G is on the way

It is ready to deliver 5G speed. It will operate sixty times faster than current 4G technology. This new network will slowly expand with US-based service providers.

The return of the cloud

In 2018, cloud-based applications will increase dramatically by 89%. Cloud storage is secure. It cleans up space on devices and does not eat into the device’s memory, making it preferred storage for private and commercial use. As a service, Mobile Backend allows you to move data easily, conveniently and quickly from the cloud to your device.

Clothing will continue to grow this year. Security concerns will be part of application development as more and more transactions are made using mobiles. Developers are developing more and more on-demand applications as usage increases and startups begin to look at it as a way to reach customers. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications will increase demand and drive the development of mobile application development.

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